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PTAC - Federal Regulations

Employer Identification Number - Employer Identification Number (EIN), also referred to as Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN), is a nine-digit number used to identify a business entity. Questions relating to, if you should apply for a number or not, can be answered by clicking on the link below. Also a link on how to apply for a number is provided below!

Small Business EIN Information

EIN Application

Dun & Bradstreet - Dun & Bradstreet(D&B) is a business specializing in providing credit and financial reports on registered companies for a fee. The identifier for registered companies is referred to as a DUNS number. In order to do business with the federal government you must obtain a DUNS.

Already have a D-U-N-S Number? Please note that 1 in 2 companies requesting a DUNS number already has one. To see if your company is already listed click here, DUNS CHECK, and search in the light yellow box area.

If you are not listed already in D& B, then call the CCR - Central Contractors dedicated D&B phone line at 1-866-705-5711 and request a free DUNS number for government contractor purposes only.

Central Contractors Registration - In order to do business with the Defense Department and many other departments within the Federal government you must first register on the Central Contractors Registration (CCR). This registration provides government contractors with a profile of your company and necessary banking information required so that you can be paid electronically. Upon completion of this registration you are also provided a link to register on PRO-Net (See Below). Only small businesses can get registered into the Pro-Net database.

CCR Homepage

Required information for CCR Registration

Please consult the Central Contractor Registration Handbook for complete and detailed information and instructions.

PRO-Net aka Dynamic Small Business Search - Procurement Marketing and Access Network (PRO-Net) website no longer exists. PRO-Net was absorbed by the Central Contractors Registration (CCR). Small business research can be accomplished by going to the CCR homepage and clicking on "Dynamic Small Business Search". Here information on small businesses can be obtained much the same way as the old PRO-Net. To update your PRO-Net registration click on the "CCR Update and Renew" button.

Dynamic Small Business Search

Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA)
A company must be registered with ORCA if the solicitation it's responding to requires that it have an active Central Contractor Registration (CCR). This online Representations and Certifications Application is an e-Government initiative that has been developed to replace most of the paper based Offeror Representations and Certifications (FAR 52-121-3). This online registration is accessible 24/7.


ORCA Handbook

ORCA Changes as of 8/18/08

ORCA Update 10/2/07 -NAICS Codes

North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS Codes) and Standard Industrial Classification Codes (SIC Codes) are numerical codes designed by the U.S. Government in order to create uniform descriptions of small business types and size standards.

Lookup NAICS Codes

Lookup SIC Codes

Small Business Size Standards

Product Service Codes (PSC) and Federal Supply Codes (FSC) are numerical codes designed by the government to create descriptions for products and services. They are not specific to small businesses and do not describe business size. A-Z are for services and 10-99 are for products.

Lookup PSC/FSC Codes