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Economic Development Since 1999 Contact Us

Alcoa Howmet – Whitehall, Michigan

Advanced manufacturing providing optimized solutions for improved performance, efficiency and value

Eagle Alloy

Eagle Alloy, Inc. – Part of the Eagle Group of companies - Muskegon, Michigan

Serving a diverse customer base and utilizing lean manufacturing practices; one of the premier steel foundries in the country


Alcoa Howmet – Whitehall, Michigan

A commitment to environmental sustainability; keeping the health and safety of their employees, customers and communities a top priority

Culinary Institute

Muskegon Area First: Helping Local Businesses Flourish

The Culinary Institute of Michigan - Baker College's world-class caliber culinary learning environment


Alcoa Howmet – Whitehall, Michigan since 1951

Leading producer of complex investment-cast turbine components for the aerospace and industrial gas turbine industries

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Muskegon Area First has played a leading role in helping to shape Muskegon County’s economic future since the establishment of the organization in 1999. The organization has focused on building a long-term economic development strategy that capitalizes upon the area’s strengths in advanced manufacturing and energy related products and technology. While building for the future, MAF has also been cognizant of existing opportunities to expand the tax base and employment opportunities.


Our Mission:

Muskegon Area First is a collaborative effort of economic development partners working to enhance the economic vitality in Muskegon County consistent with its quality of life.